Terms of use for French lessons

  • Please make sure you will be available for a lesson before scheduling it.
  • Booking a lesson is a commitment and cancellation/rescheduling requests should remain exceptionnal.

Conditions related to French private lessons

When a lesson is scheduled and paid for, the time and date of the lesson is considered as final.

  • Free cancellation is possible up to 24 hours prior to the lesson.
  • For cancellation within 24 hours, no refund is granted.
  • Should you decide to cancel a lesson, 2% PayPal fees will not be refunded. 
  • If I cancel a lesson within 24 hours, I will send you a 50% refund should you decide to reschedule it (the lesson will be half price).
  • If I cancel a lesson within 2 hours, I will send you a 100% refund should you decide to reschedule it (the lesson will be free).
  • If you are late for the lesson, the lesson will end as originally scheduled.
  • If I am late for the lesson, the lesson will last beyond the original time, unless you want to finish it at a later time.

Payment information

For French private lessons, payments and refunds are made in EURO and handled by PayPal.

Explore French is not responsible if a fee is lost due to the change in exchange rate or if a fee is charged by your bank for currency exchange.

Explore French does NOT access, collect or store information about transactions/your card details. 

Explore French details

For any question, you can contact me via the form.

You can also contact me by e-mail to anthony@explorefrench.com