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Are you looking for an enjoyable way to practise your French skills?

Our audiobooks are designed to immerse you in the French language and improve your comprehension and listening skills

Our audiobooks are narrated by native French speakers, so you can learn the correct pronunciation and intonation of the French language. We have a wide variety of titles available, from classic French literature to modern French short stories, all of which will transport you to the heart of the French-speaking world.

Our audiobooks come with the French text and translations of key vocabulary into English. This allows you to read along with the audiobook and better understand the meaning of unfamiliar words. Having access to the French text and English translations will help you improve your reading comprehension skills and expand your vocabulary. By reading and listening to the audiobook simultaneously, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the French language and be able to apply what you learn to your own speaking and writing.


Are you struggling with French tenses and their use?

At Explore French, we've created a unique color-coding system to help you understand and learn the different tenses used in our books.

Each tense is assigned a specific color, which is highlighted throughout the book. This allows you to easily identify and understand the tense being used, making it easier to grasp the grammar and structure of the French language.

Our color-coding system is especially helpful for those who are new to learning French tenses or struggling to remember the differences between them. By incorporating this visual aid into our audiobooks, we aim to make learning French more accessible and enjoyable for all learners.

So not only will you improve your listening and reading skills with our audiobooks, but you'll also gain a deeper understanding of French grammar and syntax.

Give our audiobooks a try today and experience the benefits of our unique color-coding system for yourself!

Charles Perrault

J'ai eu       
J'avais eu       

J'aurai eu       
J'aurais eu       
Que j'aie       
Que j'aie eue     


Verb = Indicative - Present
= Indicative - Compound Past
= Indicative - Imperfect
= Indicative - Pluperfect

= Indicative - Future Simple
= Indicative - Future Anterior
= Conditional - Present
= Conditional - Past
Verb = Subjunctive - Present
= Subjunctive - Past

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