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Are you eager to deepen your understanding of the French language?

This section is dedicated to helping you learn French by providing you with comprehensive courses on essential aspects of the language


French History Course

The history of the French language is an important part of understanding the language itself. Our course on the history of French will take you on a journey through the centuries, from the Gaulish language to the development of Old French, Middle French, and Modern French. You'll gain a deeper appreciation of the language and its cultural significance, and you'll understand how the language has evolved over time. And there is a quizz at the end!


French Pronunciation Course

Pronunciation is a crucial aspect of learning any language, and our pronunciation course is designed to help you perfect your French pronunciation and reduce your accent. With clear explanations about how to produce each sound and lots of examples with audio, you'll be able to pronounce French words and phrases correctly and confidently.


French Grammar Course

What is an adjective, an adverb or even a verb? Is hearing that kind of words a nightmare for you? Our grammar course is designed to help you master the fundamental concepts of grammar, with clear explanations, numerous examples and interactive exercises for you to better understand what are "the 8 parts of speech" (nouns, pronouns, determiners, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions and ), the key to success if you want to reach intermediate/advanced levels in French.


French Conjugation Course

In our conjugation course, you'll learn how to use each tense, how to render them in English, and how to properly conjugate verbs in French through cristal clear explanations and colourful diagrams. This includes regular and irregular verbs, as well as reflexive verbs. With our conjugation drills and exercises, you'll be able to conjugate verbs effortlessly and express yourself more precisely in French.