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  20 modules and more to come

  For level A1 (beginner) to level B2 (upper-intermediate)

  Practise all 4 skills in French through 80+ activities

  Expand your vocabulary about a wide range of topics

  Send us your writings & receive our personal corrections


Are you looking to improve your French language skills?

Designed for learners of all levels, this page offers a wide range of exercises and activities to help you hone your French language abilities

Whether you're looking to build your vocabulary, improve your grammar, or practice your reading and listening comprehension, my "Skills Trainer" modules have something for you. With vocabulary lists, interactive exercises, engaging readings and authentic audio and video resources, you'll be able to practice your French in a fun and effective way.

In addition to a wide range of exercises and activities, each module also offers the opportunity for learners to submit their written work for a personal correction. This is a valuable resource for learners who want personalized feedback on their writing, as well as guidance on how to improve their language skills. Indeed, you'll be able to track your progress and identify areas where you need more practice. With this additional feature, learners can feel confident that they are getting expert support and guidance as they work to improve their French language abilities.

Modules are designed around real-life situations and icons of French culture. This means that as you work through the exercises and activities, you'll be learning practical vocabulary and grammar that you can use in everyday conversations, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of French culture and society. Modules are self-paced and customizable: you can choose which exercises and activities to focus on based on your own interests and learning goals. 


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Anthony Diaz - Explore French

All Modules by Level

Elementary Level

Follow the daily life of the Simons & the Peeters
through real life situational conversations

Each Module includes:
 Vocabulary list

(narration) + Quizz
"Fill the gap" activity
 3x "
Reorder the words" activities + Audio
(bilingual dialogue)
 Writing Task + Personal Corrections

Intermediate Level

Discover France and the French Speaking World
through cultural icons of all kind

Each Module includes:
ocabulary list
(narration) + Quizz
"Fill the gap" activity
"Reorder the words" activities + Audio
 Writing Task + Personal