Learn French
with Anthony


Graded convresations to learn French


  With transcripts & interactive language activities

  Practical & cross-cultural topics related to contemporary social issues

  For level A1 (beginner) to C1 (advanced)

  Sentence by sentence translation & explanations in English 

  Based on French textbook series "Défi"



Podcast Explore French with Anthony


Looking to improve your language skills through engaging podcasts?

My podcasts are designed to help learners at all levels learn and practice the French language through fun & informative contents

With the "Learn French with Anthony" French-English bilingual podcast, you will improve your listening and comprehension skills in French through fun, engaging and informative contents about a wide range of topics. Detailed explanations of new vocabulary and grammar structures used in the podcast are provided in English, so you can reinforce your knowledge of the language, and each podcast episode is accompanied by a transcript, so you can follow along and improve your reading skills. Last but not least, each podcast episode comes with games, activities and exercises to practise new vocabulary words and grammar.


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Incredibly engaging! Anthony's teaching style makes learning French a fun and enjoyable experience. I appreciate the variety of topics and I learn a lot from the content. The additional materials on his website also complement the podcast perfectly; they make it easier to reinforce what I've learned during the episodes and are visually very appealing. Thanks!



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