Explore France
with Anthony


Natural dialogues to learn French


  Natural dialogues to develop your speaking & listening skills
       And learn about the French culture, society & way of life

  Sentence by sentence translation in 5 languages
       English - German - Spanish - Italian - Chinese

  Interactive activities to practise new vocabulary words

  Selected YouTube videos in French to go further



Podcast Explore France with Anthony


Embark on a Journey Through French Language and Culture

with everyday life French conversations on various topics

The "Explore France with Anthony" podcast offers episodes on various topics such as French culture, society, art, history, cooking, travel and more. All podcast episodes are made of a real-life conversation at natural speed, followed by a sentence by sentence translation into 5 languages (English, German, Spanish, Italian and Chinese). Transcripts and sentence by sentence translations, as well as interactive language activities and videos to help you further your learning, are available for each podcast episode. 


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