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When to visit?

  1. For the best experience, plan your visit to Toulon between May and October. However, be prepared for the summer heat, as temperatures can soar up to 35°C!
  2. While Toulon and Marseille boast an impressive 228 sunny days per year, weather can be unpredictable. Don't be surprised if you encounter a summer shower! Nonetheless, the city is worth exploring any time of year.



  1. Discover Toulon at your own pace by booking a tailored tour with me. Whether you're staying for a half-day or a full-day (or more), you can choose the sights you wish to explore based on the list below.

  2. My morning tours span 3 hours (9am to 12pm), just like my afternoon tours (3pm to 6pm). This allows ample time for you to enjoy a leisurely lunch, return to your hotel for relaxation or continue exploring the city at your leisure if you opt for a full-day adventure.

  3. If you're unable to find a suitable time slot on my calendar, or for any question, don't hesitate to get in touch with me directly. I'm here to tailor your Toulon experience to perfection!


Places to visit

  1. Join me at Place de la Liberté, conveniently located just a 5-minute stroll from the train station. Our adventure begins at a cozy café nestled within the square, where we'll gather for introductions and delve into a small discussion about Toulon.

  2. The rest of the tour is tailored to your desires and interests. From exploring the enchanting Old Town, immersing in the bustling atmosphere of the traditional market and admiring the architectural charm of the opera house, to delving into the rich heritage housed within the city's museums or catching the exhilarating spirit of the Mayol rugby stadium—your adventure awaits!

  3. You can select the places you wish to visit from the calendar page, paying attention to the opening days/hours and trip durations provided in the descriptions below. Before booking a tour, you can contact me to discuss your project.


How does it work?

  1. Explore Toulon in a whole new way with my immersive linguistic journey designed to enhance your French skills while exploring the city's treasures. My tour goes beyond the ordinary, offering you a comprehensive linguistic adventure that begins long before you set foot in Toulon.

  2. After booking your stay, I recommend you watch my "Explore Toulon" series of videos, available for free on YouTube. Designed for advanced learners, they can be used by anymone. ExploreFrench Premium Members can access transcripts, vocabulary lists and interactive language activities for all videos via my "Skills Trainer (Advanced) " page. Through this comprehensive material, you'll master essential vocabulary and gain profound insights into Toulon's rich history, iconic landmarks and intriguing anecdotes.

  3. Embracing the innovative "flipped classroom" approach, my tour encourages active participation and dialogue. Prior to the tour, you'll engage with the videos (Free) and course materials (Premium Members), paving the way for meaningful discussions during our visits to local attractions. As we explore, you'll have the opportunity to converse with me, receiving personalized guidance, error correction and invaluable insights. Share your own perspectives, enrich our conversations with tales of your homeland and immerse yourself in the cultural exchange that defines our journey through Toulon.


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The New Town:


Duration: 1 Hour


Established in 1858 under the directive of the Ministry of War, the Place de la Liberté is an expansive square, spanning 117 meters in length and 120 meters in width, serving as the vibrant centerpiece of "Modern Toulon."

At its core, the majestic Fountain of the Federation rises, unveiled by President Carnot in 1890. Crafted from exquisite Calissane stone, this fountain is adorned with three intricately carved figures symbolizing France, Strength, and Justice.

Conveniently situated just a short stroll from Toulon's railway station, the square is where we'll start our journey through Toulon. We will share a drink at a café and immerse ourselves in conversation before embarking on our exploration of the city.


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The Old Town:

Duration: 1 Hour

Available anytime

Explore the timeless allure of Toulon with our enchanting walking tour through its historic old town. Once a vibrant hub of Levantine trade and now France's premier naval stronghold, Toulon is steeped in centuries of captivating history.

Step into the charming labyrinth of the old city's neighborhoods and immerse yourself in the architectural splendor of Provence. As you wander, uncover tales of the illustrious Navy, the storied naval base and the echoes of its former penal colony.

Meander through quaint alleys and bustling squares, each corner revealing a new chapter of Toulon's past. My carefully curated itinerary invites you to discover the city's hidden gems, from the grandeur of Place de la Liberté to the elegant Opera House. Traverse the lively markets and historic halls, where the spirit of Toulon comes to life in every bustling corner, and the Old Town's little streets, where each fountain whispers tales of bygone eras and every square echoes with the pulse of the city's vibrant soul.


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The Old Town:

Duration: 1 Hour

Everyday / Free
St Louis Church: Everyday except on Sundays / Free

Explore the religious heritage of Toulon with a captivating tour of its two most significant landmarks.

Step into the grandeur of the Catholic Cathedral of Notre Dame de la Sed, a masterpiece spanning centuries of history. Marvel at its towering 36-meter clock tower and be captivated by the ornate baroque altar. Adorned with masterpieces by revered artists like Pierre Puget, this cathedral is a testament to architectural splendor.

Delve into the neoclassical elegance of the Saint Louis Church, a symbol of timeless beauty and grace. Originally dedicated to reason and spirituality, it stands as a magnificent example of neoclassical architecture. Its domed structure and illuminated lantern above the altar create a serene ambiance, reminiscent of ancient temples. Embark on a journey through history as you witness the artistry and grandeur of these sacred sites in Toulon.


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The Port:

Duration: 1 Hour

Port: Everyday
Museum: Everyday except on Wednesday / €8

Explore the captivating history and maritime heritage of Toulon while immersing yourself in the legacy of the National Maritime Museum, an architectural gem dating back to the end of the First Empire. Nestled adjacent to the iconic Clock Tower of the arsenal, this museum stands as a guardian of Toulon's naval legacy. Marvel at the grandeur of the monumental gate, a testament to the city's rich maritime past dating back to 1738. Inside, you'll encounter a treasure trove of maritime marvels, including an impressive collection of meticulously crafted ship models that offer a glimpse into the seafaring traditions of the region. Step aboard a galley replica and envision the voyages of old as you explore this immersive museum experience.

The tour continues with a walk along the port of Toulon, a bustling hub of national defense, commerce and fishing. You'll be captivated by the charm of the two picturesque docks welcoming pleasure boats: the historic Old Dock and the vibrant North Dock of Mourillon. Feel the pulse of the city as you witness the comings and goings of ships and sailors against the stunning backdrop of Toulon's skyline.


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The Port:

Duration: 1 Hour

Available anytime / €16.50

Embark on a captivating journey through the rich maritime heritage of Toulon with an exclusive boat tour of the port and the military port. Delve into the intertwined history of the Arsenal and the city itself, where geography meets destiny, shaping both national defense and regional prosperity.

Trace the evolution of Toulon from a humble fishing port to a formidable naval stronghold, a transition initiated during the reign of Henri IV and fortified under the strategic vision of King Louis XIV, executed by the legendary architect Vauban. Witness the enduring legacy of their decisions as we navigate through the historic landmarks of the military port.

Experience firsthand the echoes of centuries past as we glide past the imposing defense forts, witness the formidable walls that once shielded the city, and marvel at the expansive Arsenal that stands as a testament to France's naval prowess.


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The Port:

Duration: 1 Hour

Stadium Guided Tour: Check days&time
HERE / 11

Immerse yourself in the vibrant rugby culture of Toulon with a visit to Stade Mayol. Located right in the heart of the city, Stade Mayol is not just a stadium but a symbol of Toulon's passion for rugby.

Originally gifted by the renowned singer Félix Mayol to the Rugby Club Toulonnais, this iconic stadium is now owned by the city of Toulon. It serves as the exhilarating battleground for the Rugby Club Toulonnais, where fans gather to witness thrilling matches and cheer on their beloved team. Experience the electric atmosphere of rugby in Toulon firsthand at Stade Mayol with this guided tour.

During your tour, delve into the deep connection between Félix Mayol and the RCT, tracing the stadium's inception - the sole downtown stadium nestled closest to the sea! - the legendary players, coaches and presidents, as well as the club's illustrious history. Explore the behind-the-scenes magic as you step into the locker rooms and hear captivating anecdotes about the club's journey.


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The Port:

Duration: 1 Hour

Everyday except on Mondays
Shopping centre: Everyday except on Sundays

Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Toulon's old town, where the newly rejuvenated Lafayette Boulevard sets the stage for a daily market brimming with the unmistakable flavors of Provence, earning accolades far and wide.

Dating back to as early as 1750, the market's roots run deep along Lafayette Boulevard. Its picturesque setting, adorned with charming fountains and once caressed by babbling streams, invites leisurely exploration.

Beyond the bountiful array of fresh produce, from succulent fruits to artisanal cheeses and fragrant olives, the boulevard reveals treasures of centuries past. Admire the intricate 18th-century façades of historic hotels, distinguished by their ornate wooden doors. Pause to marvel at two venerable statues of the Virgin Mary nestled in their niches, gracing the boulevard at No. 74 and 92. Discover a poignant relic of Toulon's history—a cannonball from the dramatic siege of 1793, proudly displayed on the facade of No. 89. And don't miss the chance to glimpse a fragment of the former Episcopal Palace, its weathered door bearing witness to bygone eras.


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Mourillon Beach:

Duration: 2 Hours

Fort Saint Louis
: Tuesday-Saturday 8
The museum: Everyday except on Sundays & Mondays / Free

Step onto the golden sands of Mourillon Beach, a beloved hotspot adorned with charming cafes, delectable restaurants, verdant parks, and panoramic vistas of the azure sea and rugged coastline. Amidst this coastal beauty stands the formidable Fort Saint Louis, a sentinel erected in 1534 under the directive of François I, guarding Toulon against the incursions of Saracen raiders and Barbary pirates.

Delve deeper into Toulon's cultural tapestry at the Museum of Asian Arts, ensconced within the elegant Villa Jules Verne. Formerly inhabited by the son and grandson of the legendary author Jules Verne, this exquisite villa now hosts a treasure trove of artifacts acquired from distant lands such as China, Japan, Tibet, Mongolia, and India. These remarkable collections, once cherished by intrepid French sailors hailing from Toulon, have been generously bequeathed to the city. Wander through halls adorned with timeless masterpieces and immerse yourself in the rich narratives of the East. 


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Mount Faron:


Duration: 3 Hours

Memorial: Everyday except on Sundays / 14
Cable car: Anytime except if windy/bad weather

Explore the rich history of Toulon with a journey to the Memorial of the Provence Landings, a site dedicated to honoring the pivotal events of World War II. Begin your adventure by ascending Mount Faron aboard the iconic cable car, an experience like no other along the Mediterranean coast.

Since 1959, the cable car's vibrant red cabins have whisked countless visitors to the summit, where panoramic vistas of Toulon's harbor await. Over a swift 6-minute journey, you'll ascend 378 meters to reach the peak at 584 meters above sea level, immersing yourself in breathtaking views along the way.

Recently revitalized, the Provence Landing Memorial stands as a testament to courage and sacrifice. Inaugurated by General de Gaulle on August 15, 1964, this renovated landmark vividly recounts the Allied operations following the historic landings in August 1944. Prepare to be moved as you delve into the stories and significance of this pivotal moment in history.


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& Answers

Explore Toulon with Anthony:

Half-day Tour: 120euros
Full-day Tour: 240euros

Please note that entrance tickets to specific attractions such as the Navy Museum, Mayol Stadium, Memorial, boat trips and the Cable Car ride are not included in the tour price. I will assist you in arranging tickets for these experiences.

Absolutely! The fee for an additional student is €30 for a half-day or €60 for a full day.

For your convenience, additional fees can be easily settled via bank transfer or PayPal. Feel free to reach out to me for further guidance and instructions on payment methods.

If you come with someone who's not learning French, they will not be charged.


  1. You can reschedule your tour up to 14 days before your scheduled date. Simply check my calendar for availability and get in touch with me to assist you in finding a new suitable date.
  2. Unfortunately, rescheduling within 14 days of your tour is not possible. In case you need to cancel within this period, a 50% refund will be provided.


  1. If you decide to cancel your tour up to 14 days before your scheduled date, you'll receive an 80% refund.
  2. Cancellations made within 14 days of the tour will be eligible for a 50% refund.

Yes. Entrance fees may apply to certain attractions as mentioned in the descriptions above. To streamline your experience and avoid queuing, I offer the convenience of arranging tickets for you in advance of your arrival.

Should you wish to take advantage of this service, payment of the fees can be easily completed via bank transfer or PayPal. Kindly contact me to confirm the costs and receive detailed guidance and instructions on the payment process. I'm here to assist you every step of the way.

Not quite! Toulon boasts a multitude of captivating experiences, with more attractions continually being added, including:

  • Visiting the Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art in Toulon
  • Exploring the Old City Library and browsing antique bookshops in Toulon
  • Exploring traditional shops offering a variety of delights, from sweets, cakes, coffee and local alcohol to Marseille Soaps, lavender-based products, "santons de Provence" and other artisanal products in Toulon
  • Exploring other traditionnal villages in the region (Var) 
  • Exploring monastaries and famous religious places in the region (Var)
  • Exploring vinyards in the region (Var)

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