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My name is Anthony Diaz.
I am a French native speaker and a certified teacher of French as a Foreign Language with no regional accent. For nearly ten years, I have been teaching French both online and in the classroom, mainly at the Institut Français de Londres (French Institute in London). Since 2021, I have been back in my hometown of Toulon, located in Southern France, where I dedicate myself to teaching French online.

I offer classes on Skype to adults in General French, Conversation, and Pronunciation. My teaching is tailored to your level and objectives and is based on the communicative approach. My aim is to help you develop your communication skills in French, and I am very patient and dedicated to helping you progress.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, I'm here to help you improve your French language skills and achieve your language learning goals. With my extensive experience and passion for teaching French, I am confident that I can help you improve your French language skills and achieve fluency.

Terms and conditions for private French lessons


French classes

on Skype



  Explore French


  Teaching style    


I use the communicative approach, so you are active during the whole class

Activities will aim at developing both accuracy and fluency in French

You will work on the four skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing)

Lessons will be tailored to your personal objectives and level in French

I will provide you with the required documents prior to each class

For extra practise outside of the class, I will provide you with exercises to prepare at home


   Your first lesson


Unless you are a full beginner, the first class will focus on speaking/listening

The objective of the first lesson is to evaluate your level and understand your objectives (if any)







 Level A1 to C1
(Beginner to Advanced)


  Based on the excellent series of textbooks Défi

  Develop your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills

  Master the French grammar

 Expand your vocabulary

 Improve your pronunciation

Schedule a lesson        Curriculum




 Level A2 to B2
(Elementary to Upper-Intermediate)


  Based on my own material

  Explore dozens of topics

  Develop your fluency & speaking skill

 Improve your listening skill

 Boost your confidence 

Schedule a lesson        Curriculum





 Level A2 to C1
(Elementary to Advanced)


  Based on the excellent series of textbooks Défi

  Learn how to produce the sounds of the French language

  Practise the intonation/melody of the French language

 Master the pronunciation of the French language

 Reduce your accent


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 Level B1 to C1
(Intermediate to Advanced)


  DELF B1/B2: Based on the series of textbooks Les Clés du DELF 

  TCF / TCF Canada: Based on my own resources & past papers

 Master the Speaking & Writing sections

  Learn how to structure and articulate your ideas

 Boost your score to the DELF exam & TCF Test


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online lessons delivered


students around the world


years of experience

Flag italie

From New York
270+ lessons

I've been working with Anthony for almost two years and I’ve enjoyed every single class. His passion for his work is contagious and he is an outstanding teacher. I finish every class with a sense of accomplishment and most importantly a sense of personal growth. Thank you Anthony!


From Geneva
100+ lessons

I have been learning French from Anthony this year and it has been a great experience. He is a very patient and thoughtful teacher who provides a very safe and supportive learning environment. His classes are engaging and useful, with the intent to help you understand the material. I highly recommend him. 

Flag jordanie

From Dubaï
90+ lessons

My experience with Anthony has been amazing; it’s been a huge leap in my French in a short time. In six months, I have gone from not being able to form sentences and not understanding any French when hearing it to writing paragraphs, reading blogs, being able to express myself and speak, understanding the context of French radio programs and discerning distinct words, and expanding my vocabulary. 


From London
150+ lessons

Anthony is simply the best french teacher, after trying both classes in groups and with other french tutors. He understands the difficulty of learning a new language as an adult, and he gives perfect guidance with clear and concise explanations to grammar, vocabulary, listening skills and conversational french. Classes with Anthony is never boring and they are always my highlight of the week! Thank you Anthony and I am looking forward to our next classes together!


From Melbourne
80+ lessons

Je recommande Anthony comme professeur à toute personne voulant apprendre le français. Il arrive toujours à l’heure, n’a jamais annulé une leçon, ni décalé l’heure d’une leçon.  Il est très organisé et bon en informatique alors tout se passe sans problème en ligne. Non seulement Anthony est expert en langue française, mais aussi très savant sur plein de sujets, et nos discussions me plaisent beaucoup. Il est positif et m’encourage beaucoup tout en corrigeant mes fautes et ma prononciation pour que je puisse améliorer mon français. Anthony est tout simplement une personne géniale et un prof extraordinaire !


From Los Angeles
80+ lessons

I've been learning with Anthony since 2021. As an adult, starting with zero French experience, it was relatively hard with pronunciation at the beginning of my learning. However, his patience and professionalism led to my improvement in every session. Recently, I've received some job invitations thanks to my French skills. I use this skill in my spare time as well. For example, I feel no barrier ordering food in French restaurants and bakeries. I highly recommend Anthony!

Flag taiwan

From San Francisco
60+ lessons

Anthony very patient, thorough and easy going. Not to mention very organized! I can tell he challenges the students in a positive way without making them feel discouraged. I always have lots of chances to practice reading, speaking, and listening during class, and the material is very interesting. I definitely hope to continue learning French with him!


From Shanghai
30+ lessons

Anthony was not my first French teacher but he's definitely my last French teacher, who offered me essential assistance in my French learning and TCF preparation. His lessons are systematic and personalized. It was him who taught me how to compose an academic essay in French and how to organize my ideas and supporting facts in an French oral test. He is also a super encouraging teacher. He helped me to succeed in TCF test. Without him, I wouldn't have nailed the exam in my first try. 


From Los Angeles
30+ lessons

Exceed any expectations! 
Great course ; good textbook choice and Anthony is a great, patient and very professional teacher. Before my first lesson, I received lesson materials and clear directions how to prepare. When the lesson began we didn't waste a minute and dived right into learning. I am confident that Anthony can help me learn French.


From Paris
40+ lessons



From Boston
70+ lessons

非常专业也很有耐心的老师, 他的中文说得也很溜, 选他没错, 强烈推荐!

Anthony is a wonderful teacher! Always well-prepared, super patient, and very knowledgeable - he's able to answer any random questions I ask in the lessons and summarize the grammar points on top of that so that I get to learn more systematically. So far I've only taken the General French lessons, and I got to read and speak a lot of French in class. The textbook he chose has a lot of interesting topics and articles that are pretty modern and current. I also appreciate that he never rushes to end the class at minute 60 exactly but always makes sure that I have got all my questions answered before the class ends, even though that means he needs to spend some extra time for each class. I've also asked him some questions on Skype about French off class and he responded in detail pretty quickly.

Flag uk 1

From New York
50+ lessons

J’ai la chance d’avoir Anthony comme professeur de français.  Anthony semble polyglotte et je pense que cela l’aide à enseigner le français.  Il comprend des difficultés qu’une personne comme moi, qui essaye d’apprendre une  langue étrangère, a.  Il a beaucoup d’enthousiasme et de patience. Ses notes qu’il m’envoie à la fin de chaque cours sont très utiles. Je reconnais l’amélioration de mon niveau de français après avoir commencé mes cours avec Anthony. Il faut que je dise qu’Anthony est le meilleur professeur de français  que j’ai  trouvé après avoir commencé d’apprendre le français sur Internet. Je le recommande hautement.


From Geneva
90+ lessons

 Anthony’s impressive knowledge, invaluable experience, structured approach to teaching French and enviable passion for sharing his gifts make him an outstanding educator. His teaching style is very enjoyable yet effective, making the process of learning so much easer, as are his countless and always well-prepared materials on his website as well as his engaging podcasts.


From Paris
60+ lessons

 I have been learning French with Anthony for more than half a year. He’s the best professional teacher ever! Your language skills will be developped step by step and class by class with no worries! He is super patient and always gets everything well prepared so that you don’t need to be afraid making mistakes when practising. Try book a lesson with him and kick off your exclusive and efficient journey of French!

Flag canada

From Toronto
30+ lessons

 J'ai étudié avec Anthony pendant près d'un an. Il est un professeur compétent et patient. Il y a un bon équilibre pour moi entre la compréhension et la communication, écrite et orale. Son site web, Explore French, possède aussi des nombreuses fonctionnalités utiles qui soutiennent mes études. Je vais continuer à rencontrer Anthony chaque semaine.

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