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French for Business & Diplomacy

This course is tailored for people working or aiming at working in business, diplomacy, administration or related sectors.

The content and length of the course will be based on your personal needs and objectives as determined thanks to the information you will provide me with. 


About The Classes

Content of level A1 (Beginner)


  • greet someone
  • contact someone
  • fill a form
  • follow simple steps to get a document
  • approach someone to ask for something or start a conversation
  • speak about yourself, your activities, the weather
  • have a simple conversation on the phone
  • leave a simple message on an answering machine
  • write a simple email or a text message
  • book and buy transport tickets
  • book a room in a hotel
  • find your way or help someone find their way in town or in a building
  • speak about your daily activities
  • speak about your eating habits
  • give orders and ask for explanations




  • greet someone
  • ask for personal information
  • introduce someone
  • write a simple email, card or letter
  • speak about someone and their professional responsibilities
  • start a conversation
  • ask questions about someone and their profession
  • give your positive or negative opinion about a place
  • book, accept or refuse an appointment
  • speak about your family
  • speak on the phone
  • leave a message on an answering machine
  • speak about frequency
  • locate something in space and find your way in a building or in town
  • welcome someone
  • take an order and pay
  • speak about your likes and dislikes
  • invite someone, accept or refuse an invitation and apologise


Content of level A2 (Elementary)


  • order a meal in a restaurant
  • buy in a shop or online
  • find an accomodation
  • speak about a business and its organisation
  • give and understand basic explanations about a manufacturing process
  • write and understand a basic regulation
  • write and understand a job offer
  • write a simple CV
  • conduct a job interview
  • speak about working conditions
  • write and understand simple notes about professionnal needs
  • develop a program and keep updated with current and future actions
  • follow instructions
  • carry out a banking operation
  • exchange ideas about a problem
  • describe an event
  • write a letter of complaint
  • give a statement in connection with a theft or robbery



  • speak and ask questions about an accomodation
  • make a complaint
  • express dissatisfaction, threat, and explain a problem
  • confirm your participation to an event
  • give details about your professional stay
  • give a welcome address and articulate a discourse
  • give opinion and advice, warn someone
  • prepare your expatriation
  • say how you are and ask someone how they are
  • request, grant or refuse a leave
  • speak about the weather
  • rent a vehicle, buy and sell something
  • speak about sizes, shapes and prices
  • describe a position, functions, skills and requirements
  • speak about your educational background and work experience
  • speak about the news, report speach and give your opinion
  • agree, disagree and nuance your ideas
  • present an organizational chart
  • speak, interrupt, ask for clarifications, justifications and explanations in a meeting


Content of level B1 (Intermediate)


  • meet new co-workers
  • assess your first month at work
  • present the premises of your business
  • exchange advice for a good integration in the company
  • describe an electronic device
  • promote a product or a service
  • speak about the history of a business, product or service
  • discuss about work organisation problems or difficulties
  • interact in a meeting and write the minutes of a meeting
  • make a survey
  • carry out a sales discussion
  • speak about sales conditions
  • present a new product
  • speak about your career path and motivations
  • speak about mehods of organising work
  • react when facing a problem
  • exchange about a professional event and its organisation
  • invite someone to a professional event
  • make a speech
  • assess the outcomes of an event


Content of level B2 (Upper-Intermediate)


  • participate in a brainstorming session
  • work on a shared document
  • make a planning
  • discuss about work organisation
  • discuss about employment contracts
  • interact in the event of a dispute
  • participate to an assessment interview
  • exchange about a resignation
  • meet unhappy clients/customers
  • make a complaint, write a letter of complaint
  • deal with a complaint
  • give advice about payment related issues
  • describe a project manager's tasks and objectives
  • interact during a project/scoping meeting
  • write guidelines and specifications
  • point out problems and suggest corrective solutions
  • speak about social conflicts
  • understand/provide information related to the business
  • participate in a debate, make a presentation
  • present the economic situation of a business
  • assess the activities of a business
  • speak about a training


Clock 02 256 min


I am flexible!

Please let me know your availabilities when contacting me by using the form at the bottom of this page.

Map location 256 min


I am based in Ealing and can travel to west and central London. Lessons can take place either at yours, at your place of work, or in any public place of your choice.

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Duration & Frequency

Each lesson is a minimum of 1.5 hours but can last as long as you wish. Students usually opt for one class per week but there can be as many as you wish depending on your objectives.

People 256 min


I teach a wide range of students and adapt the content of all lessons to their goals.

Individuals: any adult including senior citizens willing to learn French, no matter what your goal or skill is, and because it is never too late to start learning a new language.

Couples/families/friends: learning with your partner, your bother(s) or sister(s), your friend(s) or anybody else can be great fun, especially if you are learning French for the same reasons. I teach to groups up to 4 persons.

Pencil 256 min


The communicative activities that we do during the class aim at developing your fluency in French. Homework consists in exercises to do at home and on your own to strenghen what you have discovered and practised with me. They aim at developing your accuracy in French. It is essential to dedicate some time to do them.

Book closed 256 min


For business French, the course will mainly be based on the textbook Objectif Express and/or Objectif Diplomatie (Hachette FLE). 

Even though many activities and games will be developed by myself and/or inspired from other books - especially if you have specific goals - following a textbook by adapting its content presents lots of advantages for students.

Library books 256 min


You may also consider buying a dictionary. To choose a good dictionary, make sure that it contains examples of use for each entry and for each definition (if there are many definitions for one single entry).

I also recommend that you buy a bilingual French-English English-French dictionary as you will need both. There exists some great apps for mobiles and tablets as well that I can recommend for you.

Chart type 256 min

Your level

If you don't know your level in French, don't worry: the first class will be the chance to assess it. But you may already know your level if you have already attended a French class or sit a French test. To get an idea of your level, you can try my test (click here)

I currently teach French forbusiness/diplomacy up to level B2. If you are not yet familiar with the six levels of the CEFR system (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), opposite is a scale to give you a rough idea.

Bar chart 256 min

CEFR levels

Level A1 - Beginner (about 60 hours of classroom teaching)

Level A2 - Elementary (about 160 hours of teaching), equivalent to French GCSE

Level B1 - Intermediate (about 360 hours of teaching), equivalent to French AS/A2

Level B2 - Upper-Intermediate (about 560 hours of teaching), equivalent to French A Level

Level C1 - Advanced

Level C2 - Mastery

Certificate 256 min


Each time you reach a new level in my course, you will be given a pretty certificate to acknowledge your language skills in French.

On demand, you can also be given a certificate to confirm your current level in French and/or state the number of hours you have been studying with me.

British pounds 256 min


Individual: £30/hour

Group of 2: £20/hour per person

Group of 3: £15/hour per person

Group of 4 : £12.50/hour per person


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FAQ & Contact

For further information, please review these frequently asked questions or get in touch with me:  


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