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Translation & Proofreading

Explore French offers translation and proofreading services from English to French. We accept any general and semi-specialised texts in the following fields:

‚ÄčTechnology Business Literature Sciences Social sciences Law

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Translation is the faithful rendering of the meaning of a document in a target language. We only work from English (original language) to French (target language). Our translation will match French linguistic, cultural and textual conventions, as well as the context of the text and its register.

Check min For general or semi-specialised French

Check min £0.10 to £0.15 /word


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Proofreading consists in removing and correcting a range of errors to ensure that a document matches French textual conventions. Those errors include typos, spelling errors, capitalisation errors, punctuation errors, non-conventional use of upper case, lower case and italics, errors in presenting figures etc.

Check min For any written document

Check min £0.05 /word