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Resources for learning French

This page contains a selection of resources for learners of French as a foreign language: 

  • Our test of level in French aims at providing learners of French with a rough idea of their CEFR level.
  • The "history of French" will help answer learner's frequent questions about the origins of the French language and the difficulties of its spelling and pronunciation.
  • Pages about "French pronunciation" and "Parts of speech" will provide learners with essential principles to allow them to start their learning on a good basis.
  • Pages about "French tenses" can be used as a reference.



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Test your French level

Test your CEFR level (A1 to C2) in French thanks to this free French test. You will be tested on your grammar, listening and reading skills.

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History of French

This short illustrated history of the French language provides key elements to understand how French has developed in history.

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French pronunciation

Learn how to produce the sounds of the French language to improve your speaking and listening skills.

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French pronunciation videos

Learn how to produce the vowel sounds of the French language in context with our series of seven videos.

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The parts of speech

The parts of speech are the different word classes existing in a language. Knowing them will help you learn the grammar of any language.

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French tenses

Learn more about the French tenses, the differences between some of them and English tenses, with a clear and complete page for each tense.


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French idioms

In this section you will find all the French idioms published on the blog. For each idiom is given a literal translation, the English equivalent and an example of use.